9th UK & Ireland Early Career BBB Symposium

The forthcoming 9th Annual UK & Ireland Early Career Blood Brain Barrier Symposium will be held at the Open University, Milton Keynes on Friday the 22nd of November 2019.


This meeting provides an opportunity for early career researchers to present their research on the barriers of the CNS in the form of a platform talk or posters and to encourage networking between BBB researchers. Please find the days programme as a pdf file.


Scientific Agenda

09:30 -10:00 Registration at Berrill Lecture Theatre

10:05 Prof. Ignacio Romero (The Open University)

Welcome and Symposium presentation

First session Chairs : Madeeha Hamid Sheikh (QUML) & Nayab Fatima (OU)

10:05 -10:55 Keynote speaker: Dr. Jane Preston (King’s College
CNS mitochondrial disease caused by CoQ10 deficiency: CoQ10 homeostasis by the BBB explains why CoQ supplements have only transient therapeutic effect.


10:55 -11:15 Ester Pascual Baixauli (The Open University)
Effect of high fat diet on choroid plexus in the female rat


11:15 -11:35 Atieme J Ogbolosingha )Keele University)
Potential role for astrocyte aquaporin 4 in the blood brain barrier in cerebral malaria

11:35 -11:55 Dr. Zahraa S. Al Ahmady (University of Manchester)
Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption Post Ischemic Stroke Enables Time dependent Targeting of the Lesioned Brain Using Lipid Nanoparticles


11:55 -12:15 Joe Chouhan (University of Southampton)
The neuroinflammatory response to Salmonella is disease progression
dependent in the ME7 prion model of neurodegeneration


12:15 -12:25 Wedad Alhassan K Mawkili (University of Liverpool)
Identification of the Clozapine Transporter


12:30 -14:00 LUNCH & POSTER SESSION (Betty Boothroyd Library)

Second session. Chairs: Sonia Azeggagh (OU) & George Bryant (OU)

14:00 -14:50 Keynote speaker: Dr. Maxime Culot (Université d’Artois )

Sharing my experience with grant writing and getting funds

14:50 -15:10 Dr. Radka Gromnicova and Eduardo Frías Anaya (OU)
How you can create 3D reconstruction of BBB at the electron microscopy level: Assessing age related changes in BBB ultrastructure


15:10 -15:30 Dr. Camilla Cerutti (University of Bristol)
CDC42 targets regulate cancer cell interaction with endothelial cells in tumour progression

15:30 15:40 Charlotte M. Stuart (University of Southampton)
Haptoglobin and Blood Brain Barrier Permeability


15:40 -16:00 COFFEE BREAK


Third session. Chairs: Dr. Nandita Rahatekar (OU) & David Roig Carles (OU)

16:00 -16:20 Basma Elbakary (Aston University)
A dynamic perfusion based blood brain barrier model for cytotoxicity testing and drug permeation


16:20 -16:40 Dr. Waseema Patel (University of Liverpool
The Antidepressant AV-101 is a Substrate for LAT1 (SLC7A5) at the Blood-Brain Barrier


16:40 -16:50 Mary Goodwin Trotman (University of Cambridge)
Developing an hiPSC derived 3D in vitro model of the blood brain barrier to study COL4A1/2 cerebral small vessel disease

16:50 -17:00 Sophie Quick (University of Edinburgh)
Endothelial cell dysfunction as a mechanism for Cerebral Small Vessel Disease


17:00 -17:10 Benjamin Roberts (University of Warwick)
A Functional Circadian Clock within the Blood-Brain Barrier Controls Key Pharmacokinetic Properties


17:10 -17:30 Dr. Swati Kumar (University of Warwick)
Circadian permeability of an In Vitro Tri-Culture Model of Blood Brain Barrier


17:30 -17:40 Eduardo Frías Anaya (The Open) Dr. David Dickens (University of Liverpool)

Closing remarks

17:40 -19:00 WINE RECEPTION


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