Dr David Dickens, University of Liverpool, was the host and organiser for the 2nd UK & Ireland Early Career BBB Symposium. The BBB Symposium was held on the 23rd of November 2012 at The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK . The keynote presentation for this symposium was given by Dr Nacho Romero, Open University. The conference programme is available for download. The symposium program is listed below;


2nd UK and Ireland Blood-Brain Barrier Symposium 2012

10.30-11.00 Coffee and registration


11.00-11.25 Welcome and introduction

Transport of lamotrigine and gabapentin in brain endothelial cells. David Dickens, University of Liverpool


11.25-12.05 Session 1: Drug delivery utilising nanoparticles (Chair; Steffen Raedisch)

Delivery of glucose-coated gold nanoparticles to astrocytes by transcytosis across human brain endothelium. Radka Gromnicova, Open University

Assessment of aqueous and nanoparticle antiretroviral drug transport in the blood-brain barrier. Paul Curley, University of Liverpool


12.05-13.05 Lunch + poster session


13.05-13.50 Keynote lecture:

CNS inflammation and the blood-brain barrier: an overview. Nacho Romero, Open University


13.50-15.10 Session 2: Transport and modelling at the BBB (Chair; Adjanie Patabendige)

Drug-drug interaction of clozapine and lamotrigine, Steffen Radisch. University of Liverpool

Neurothrophins and the BBB: some new evidence of crossing. Svetlana Drndarski, King's College London

Modelling the function of the blood-brain barrier using an agent-based approach. Gavin Fullstone, University of Sheffield

Differences in the ABC efflux transporters under non-cancerous and cancerous conditions. Ana Georgian, King's College London


3.10-3.30 Coffee break


3.30-4.50 Session 3: Disease and development (Chair; David Dickens)

Understanding the mechanisms of blood-brain barrier disruption caused by Japanese encephalitis virus in an in-vitro human model. Adjanie Patabendige, University of Liverpool

MiR-126 and miR-126* play a role in flow-based leukocyte adhesion on cytokineactivated human brain microvascular endothelium in-vitro, Camilla Cerutti, Open University

Absence of glial alpha-dystrobrevin causes abnormalities of the blood-brain barrier and progressive brain edema, Chun Fu Lien, University of Portsmouth

VEGF-regulated vascular permeability, Alessandro Fantin, University College London


4.50-5.00 Final remarks


Poster Presentations:

Chun Fu Lien, University of Portsmouth. Ferdinand Fuchs, King's College London. Rachael Quinn,

University of Liverpool. Hayley Jones, University of Liverpool. Steffen Radisch, University of Liverpool. Dongsheng Wu, Open University. Raj K. Singh Badhan, Aston University.



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