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3rd UK and Ireland Blood-Brain Barrier Symposium

Dr Carl Webster was the host for 3rd UK & Ireland Early Career BBB Symposium. The BBB Symposium was held on the 22st of November 2013 at MedImmune, Cambridge, UK . The keynote presentation for this symposium was given by Dr Iain Chessell, Vice President Neuroscience, MedImmune. The symposium program is listed below:


10.15-11.00:                          Registration and Refreshments
11.00-11.45:                          Keynote Session
                                                        The promise of crossing the blood brain barrier: challenges and progress. Iain Chessell, VP Neurosciences, MedImmune
11.45-12.45:                          Session 1
                                                        The secondary effect of Plasmodium falciparum infected red blood cells (PRBC) sequestration on blood-brain barrier (BBB)                                                             permeability in cerebral malaria (CM) an in-vitro study. Mohd Hamzah Mohd Nasir, Keele University
                                                        Contribution of the blood brain barrier (BBB) in neuro-immune communication following bacterial infection. Ursula                                                                             Püntener, University of Southampton
                                                        CD4+ T cells and inflammatory cytokines potentiate Hepatitis C virus infection of the BBB. Nichola Fletcher, Birmingham                                                                 University
12.45-13.45:                           Lunch and Poster Session
13:45-15:05:                          Session 2
                                                        Brain endothelial miR146a inhibits leucocyte adhesion through targeting NFAT5. Dongsheng Wu, Open University
                                                        Selective permeabilisation of the blood-brain barrier at sites of metastasis. John Connell, Oxford University
                                                        P-glycoprotein inhibition as a strategy to augment antidepressant delivery across the blood-brain barrier: preclinical                                                                           pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies. Fionn O’Brien, University College Cork
                                                        Regional heterogeneity in the endothelial glycocalyx and basement membrane of the retinal vasculature. Marie O’Connor,                                                              Institute of Ophthalmology
15.05-15.30:                          Refreshments and posters
15:30-18.00:                          Session 3
                                                        Small gold nanoparticles: potential carriers of therapeutics across the blood-brain barrier. Radka Gromnicova Open                                                                              University
                                                        Chemically functionalised carbon nanotubes as potential vectors for brain delivery in vivo. Julie Wang, Kings College,                                                                          London
                                                        Modelling the Transport of Nanoparticles across the Blood‐Brain Barrier.  Gavin Fullstone, UCL
                                                        Making the transfer from Academic to Industry: Success in the recruitment process. Dinesh Chauhan, The Right Thing
                                                        Careers in industry, Lutz Jermutus, Senior Director, MedImmune
Poster Presentations
Abraham S, UCL
Inês Sá-Pereira, University of Oxford
C. Wang, Open University
Sophie Nyborg, UCL
Zerin Alimajstorovic, Open University
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