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5th UK and Ireland Blood-Brain Barrier Symposium 

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The 5th UK & Ireland Early Career BBB Symposium was held on Friday the 27th of November 2015 at the University of Southampton. The two keynote presentations for this symposium were given by Professor Joan Abbott from KCL and Dr. Kara Gibson from Novartis. The symposium program is listed below:



10.00-10.40:                             Registration and Refreshments
10.40-11.20:                             Keynote Presentation 1
                                                           How does a molecule get into the brain and out again? Grip, flip, zig-zag and flow. Joan Abbott, King’s College London
11.20-12.00:                             Session 1: 
                                                           How does the cerebrospinal fluid interact with the interstitial fluid? Nazira Albargothy, University of Southampton
                                                           Towards TNF type-1 receptor specific permeabilisation of the BBB in brain metastasis. Christina Simoglou-Karali,                                                                                  University of Oxford
12.00-14.00:                              Lunch and Poster Session
14.00-15.20:                              Session 2:
                                                           Cytokine effects on rat cerebrospinal fluid secretion and drainage: A window into the pathogenesis of idiopathic                                                                                      intracranial hypertension. Zerin Alimajstorovic, Open University 
                                                           Exploring the interaction of the antipsychotic amisulpride with influx and efflux transporters expressed at the BBB.                                                                              Gayathri Sekhar, King’s College London
                                                           The blood-brain barrier after stroke: structural studies and the role of caveolae in transcellular permeability. Michael Haley,                                                            University of Manchester
                                                           TNF-α enhancement of CD62E mediates adhesion of non-small cell lung cancer cells to brain endothelium via CD15 in                                                                        lung-brain metastasis. Samah Jassam, University of Portsmouth
15.20-15.40:                             Tea and Coffee
15.40-16.20:                              Session 3: 
                                                           A partially inactivating mutation in the sodium-dependent lysophosphatidylcholine transporter MFSD2A causes a non-                                                                     lethal microcephaly syndrome. Vafa Alakbarzade, University of Exeter/UCL
                                                           Selection of anti-transferrin receptor binding peptides for use as BBB transport carriers. Mohammad Daas, Open                                                                                    University/MedImmune:
16.20-17.00:                              Keynote Presentation 2
                                                           The development of pharmacologic agents for retinal diseases: The challenge of the blood-retinal barrier. Dr. Kara Gibson,                                                                Novartis
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