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4th UK and Ireland Blood-Brain Barrier Symposium

The Battaglia Group, at the University College London (UCL), were the hosts for 4th UK & Ireland Early Career BBB Symposium. The BBB Symposium was held on the 21st of November 2014 at UCL, London, UK. The two keynote presentations for this symposium were given by Dr Carl Webster from MedImmune and Professor John Greenwood from UCL. The symposium program is listed below:
10.30-11:                                 Registration and Refreshments
11-11.45:                                 Keynote Session 1
                                                       The role of the CNS vascular barriers in neuroinflammation: From fundamental research to clinical trials. John Greenwood,                                                              University College London
11.45-13.05:                         Session 1: Blood Brain Barriers in Health and Disease
                                                       Investigating molecular mechanisms mediating idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Zerin Alimajstorovic, Open University.
                                                       Understanding the Effects of Natalizumab Treatment in Neuromyelitis Optica using an in-vitro Human BBB Model. Nicholas                                                          Bradley, University of Liverpool
                                                       Systemic Inflammation and Age-related Macular Degeneration. Paul Ibbett, University of Southampton
                                                       Going with the flow – how flow of solutes can influence cells in culture. Abby Keable, University of Southampton
13.05-14.30:                          Lunch and Poster Session in the Wilkins Garden Room!
14.30-15.50:                          Session 2: Delivery Strategies to the Central Nervous System
                                                        An All-human 3D in vitro model of the blood brain barrier (BBB) in nanoparticle delivery and cancer metastasis studies.                                                                     Helen Fillmore, University of Portsmouth
                                                        Investigating the Mechanisms of Polymersome Transcytosis across the Blood-Brain Barrier. Sophie Nyberg, University                                                                       College London
                                                        Gold nanoparticles as a therapeutic delivery system into the brain. Radka Gromnicova, Open University
                                                        To Investigate, In Vivo, The Brain Penetration Of Iron Chelators Which Have Been
                                                        Modified To Cross The Blood-Brain Barrier. Juzaili Azizi, King’s College London
15.50-16.15:                           Tea and Coffee
16.15-17.00:                          Keynote Session 2
                                                        Delivery of anti-mGluR1 Antibodies across the Blood-Brain Barrier.  Carl Webster, MedImmune
Poster Presentations
Mohammad Daas, Open University
Daniel Gonzalez-Carter, Imperial
Karla Elizabeth
Inostroza Brito, Queen Mary University of London
 Manjit Kaur, Aston University
Conor McQuaid, Liverpool University
Natalia Rodrigo, MedImmune 
Kavitha Siva, CIBIO
Luke Wainwright, UCL/KCL
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