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12th UK and Ireland Early Career BBB Symposium - Save the date! 27th October 2022

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to Dublin on the 27th October 2022 to participate in the 12th annual UK & Ireland Early Career BBB symposium which will take place in Regent House at Trinity College Dublin (

This meeting will provide a unique platform for early career BBB researchers to present their newest findings in both presentationand poster format. We welcome abstracts on all aspects of blood CNS barrier biology including blood brain barrier (BBB), blood–cerebrospinal barrier (B-CSF) and blood retina barrier (BRB).

This year, we are very fortunate that Dr. Peter Westenskow (I2O, Roche, Basel) will present the keynote address where he will focus on the power of translational research in the context of CNS barrier biology.

Registration is free and lunch and dinner will be provided. In this regard, places will be limited so please register early and submit your abstracts as soon as possible and before the 14th September at the very latest. Please use the following URL to register:

Abstracts should be submitted directly to the following email address:

We hope this will be a stimulating and memorable meeting in the historic grounds of Trinity College Dublin. We look forward to welcoming you to Dublin in October.

With kindest regards,


Dr. Sarah Doyle Ph.D, FTCD Associate Professor in Immunology,

JF Coordinator for Human Health and Disease BSc. Head of Immunobiology Research Group.

Dept. Clinical Medicine

School of Medicine.


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