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Brain Barriers Training -12 PhD students positions available on brain barrier research

Research in BtRAIN ( is dedicated to create and disseminate unique knowledge on the vertebrate brain barrier signature genes and their specific role in regulating brain barrier function in development, health, ageing and disease. BtRAIN will train a new generation of young researchers to think out of the box and to bridge disciplinary interfaces by providing trans-disciplinary training in research and technological development in the field of brain barriers research

To achieve such a holistic overview on the biology of the vertebrate brain barriers, BtRAIN provides a unique trans-disciplinary and trans-sectorial environment, combining the expertise of clinical and non-clinical researchers in biomedical disciplines (developmental biology, vascular and cell biology, physiology, pharmacology, neuroimmunology) and technologies (chemistry, bioenigneering and imaging of the brain barriers) with that of bioinformatics from the academic and non-academic sector. BtRAIN fosters intense contacts of 12 academic and 6 non-academic partners from 7 EU countries, CH, USA and the European Network Brains4Brain.

The following BtRAIN projects are available

Project 1: In vitro models of the blood brain-barrier (BBB) and applications in pharmacological and toxicological screenings

Project 2: In vitro models of the blood-brain and blood- cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) barriers using an integrated microfluidic device

Project 3: Comparison of mouse and zebrafish cerebral endothelial cell transcriptomes and functional investigation of conserved pathways governing brain angiogenesis and BBB formation

Project 4: Integrative meta-analysis of public and novel vertebrate BBB omics data and establishment of the BBBhub platform

Project 5: Role of the orphan G-protein-coupled receptor Gpr126 signalling in the development of the blood-brain barrier

Project 6: Age-induced changes in gene and microRNA expression at the mouse blood-brain barrier

Project 7: Blood-brain barrier derived non-conding RNAs as functional biomarkers for the aging BBB versus the BBB in Alzheimer’s Disease

Project 8: Brain endothelial mechanisms directing the cellular pathway of T cell migration across the BBB

Project 9: Contribution of the BBB in amyloid-b biology in Alzheimer’s disease

Project 10: Exploring CD4+ T cells as carriers to mediate transport of drugs across the blood-brain barrier

Project 11: Role of different receptors in promoting pathogen and leukocyte migration across the brain cerebrospinal fluid barrier (BCSFB) in meningitis

Project 12: Molecular control of the human brain barriers in health and neuroinflammation

Eligibility Criteria

BtRAIN is a research fellowship programme for ‚Early Stage Researchers (ESR)’. If you intend to do your PhD and you have less than 4 years research experience, you might apply for a fellowship. Applicants will have to meet the Marie Sklodowska-Curie eligibility criteria ( p40-41).

Pre-requisites for the candidates

  • University Master Degree in any discipline in the Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, or in Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry or Bioinformatics, depending on the project applied for

  • Mobility during the program to fullfill the requirements for secondments

  • Ability to work in an international team and to meet deadlines

  • Ability to analyze, integrate and communicate large amounts of data

  • Ability to multi-task

Submit your application now:

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